total domination hack

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when you run the hack window pops up, press the “Detect Browser”, at this point, the program checks what sort of browser you are logged into your account in the game. This process is very fast! It takes only one second. Once detected, another browser window will show where we are not allowed to enter the limtowaną amount of resources, it is also possible to examine the available version – if there is a version hack will automatically start downloading, proxy list – by starting to generate it is recommended to download the latest proxy list required for proper operation.

Total Domination Hack. The “Max. Capacity” automatically complete fields in the “Resources”. Once you’re ready to generate the raw materials, press “Start Generate” – starts generating resources. It is a very quick process – less than 10 seconds from the start. As we have completed the process you will generate a window with information. Press “OK” and exit the program.

total domination hack total domination hack

total domination hack

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