TF2 Items Hack Generator

Today we will be releasing our highly anticipated TF2 Items Hack Generator. It is not possible for a TF2 item drop hack as the drops are controlled server side and there is no way to change it without being dsynchronize. Nowadays online games are offering ways to customize your character or player with special clothing items that can only be purchased with real money. I believe this method is working because people want to be able to represent themselves with their character. For example, if a player has a lot of the rare hats with Unusual particles, then you would know that player has a lot of money. Humans were born to show off. Since the internet provides anonymity, people can show off even more without having their “bad” identity revealed. Our TF2 Item Hack will definably change how this game will be played, especially the economy part. Some players just can’t afford to buy new games to get new hats, this is their solution.

Features of TF2 Item Hack Generator

Let’s talk about our new release, TF2 Items Hack, some more. We included every feature requested into our backpack items hack for Team Fortress 2. We added features we thought will be useless while using our trainer. The first feature is the available to fill your backpack with hats. This is a useful feature for sending large amount of gifts to a friend or yourself, if you don’t care which hats you get. The hats you get from this option is random. You will get Unusual and Geninue ones. You can also use it to generate Steam accounts to sell to other people (recommended).

The second feature allows you to empty your backpack completely. It will remove every one of your items even if it is irremovable. You can think of it as a backpack wipe feature. Why is it useful? Well if you hacked a lot of TF2 items by accident with “Fill Backpack with Hats,” you can use this feature to remove them completely. Another way would be… well… it is kind of evil. If you haven’t thought of it, it is to use it to remove other people’s backpack! We were hesitant to include this feature without a safety check to only use on your own steam account, but it required too many lines of codes to perform such cheat. While coding, we realize the code would change constantly with Steam updates, so we decided to let users decide how to use it. A warning is if people abuse this feature by deleting other people’s backpack, this generator will most likely get patched. We will keep you updated if it does get patched through our Status update on this post.


  • Undetected and completely safe to use!
  • Add any TF2 items to your backpack including limited edition items such as The Golden Wrench!
  • Ability to fill anyone’s TF2 backpack with random hats.
  • Ability to wipe anyone’s backpack with just one click!

How to use TF2 Item Hack?

  1. The first step for using Team Fortress 2 Item Hack is to find your Steam ID. You can find out how to obtain your Steam ID through the official site. For those that are lazy, the first step is obtaining your Steam ID is to open any Steam game through Steam. You need to make sure developer console is enabled to do the next steps. In order to open developer console, you normally need to enable it through advanced settings. After enabling the console, type “status” without the quotes. You will be given a list of all players with Steam ID attached, including yourself on the game server. Copy the Steam ID and paste it into the hack. Make sure it is in the same format shown in the screenshots above.
  2. Select the item you wish to add to your Team Fortress 2 backpack, if your items does not appear on the list of the TF2 hat hack. you can enter the name of the item as it is shown in game. The names are case sensitive. If you wish to use the 2 features, leave the item name blank.
  3. After selecting your items or feature, click send and wait for the status messages and progress bar. The TF2 Item Hack Generator will let you know when it is done. Once the progress bar is full, you will know it is completed. The items are added instantly you should see it appear on your TF2 backpack.

Team Fortress 2 Item System

In 2008, unlockable weapons were unveiled. After completing several achievements, these weapons can be unlocked. In total, there were three achievement milestones, which each required a number of achievements. A player would get the particular set weapon after unlocking the related milestone. The final weapon would, however, be available only if the players had completed all the achievements. This had to be changed due to the difficulty achieving the final milestones. As a result, a drop system was introduced. It was quite apparent that the system was quite flawed. Most players needed to have access to the newest weapons, but they did not want to spend a lot of time to get achievements. Don’t waste your time with achievements use our TF2 items hack!

These players had to use achievement servers to get more achievements, which rewards weapons much faster than those who were playing the game the normal way. It is no longer required with our TF2 item hack. They could  choose to play with the intent to complete all the achievements. This lead to the problem of servers being overcrowded with the many players. It was also  big disruption to many other players. Valve, the company behind this game, solved this by dropping the milestone system altogether and introducing the random drop system of items. They added hats after and then special items from game purchases and contests. With our program, you will no longer need to wait for drops. You can get every weapon and hat with a click of a button with our TF2 item and hat generator.

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