Serious Sam 3 BFE Trainer +40 (STEAM) – PC Megatrainer/Cheat/Hack – Godmode


Trainer Options:
Insert – Enable Trainer
Numpad 1 – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE *HOT*
Numpad 2 – Unlimited/Infinite Ammo *HOT*
Numpad 3 – Unlimited/Infinite Armor *HOT*
Numpad 4 – Super Jump *HOT*
Numpad 5 – Mega Speed *HOT*
Numpad 6 – One Hit KO/Instant KILL  *HOT*
Numpad 7 – Enemies cant attack *UPDATE*
F1 – Invisible *INSANE HOT*
F2 – Enemies ignore you *INSANE HOT*
Page Up – Save Position
Page Down – Teleport
End – Return to original position
Home – Disable ALL

Description of the Serious Sam 3 BFE  Trainer/Cheat/Hack
Insert – Enable Trainer
Numpad 1 – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE ( your health generates very quickly)
Numpad 2 – Unlimited/Infinite Ammo ( there is no need to reload when this option is enabled)
Numpad 3 – Unlimited/Infinite Armor (your armor generates very quickly)
Numpad 4 – Super Jump ( Jump to high place with just a simple click)
Numpad 5- Mega Speed (Run at an insane speed – beneficial in you are in a chase missions)
Numpad 6 – One Hit KO/Instant KILL  (Any hit on the enemies will result in instant kill, despite their current health or level)
Numpad 7 – Enemies cant attack (Self Explanatory)
F1 – Invisible (enable to activate the invisibility mode – avoid the high level enemies easily with this option)
F2 – Enemies ignore you (enemies will not attack you even though they are in front of you. They treat you as their own team)
Page Up – Save Position
Page Down – Teleport
End- Return to original position

Serious Sam 3 BFE (STEAM)  – Trainer/Cheat/Hack-Multi Glitches – INSANE!

Tested on ALL UPDATED VERSIONS – Xlive/DX9+DX11/Skidrow/Multiplayer/ONLINE – everything! 

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