Kerbal Space Program Trainer

Kerbal Space Program



Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Infinite Fuel + Oxygen
Numpad 2: Mega Timewarp

Activate trainer only when your rocket is visible, wait for SECOND ‘trainer activated’ sound.

– Infinite Fuel + Oxygen:
While active, your fuel and oxygen are frozen. As there are many different parts with many different values, some of them are not always full but shouldn’t decrease at all.

– Mega Timewarp:
Be careful with this option, the game is not always prepared to have a mega timewarp running.

Customize Hotkeys
Change hotkeys directly on the trainer/editor by selecting your desired hotkey via a drop down menu.
To save hotkeys press right mouse button on a hotkey and press save button on context menu.
A file will be created inside of the trainer/editor directory. If this file is missing or damaged the standard hotkey setup will be loaded.

Controller Support
Open ‘Controller HowTo’ tab at the trainer interface for a detailed instruction on how to use a controller. Don’t forget to activate ‘Use Xbox 360 controller’ at the main page.