Using this Trainer Jagged Alliance Crossfire Trainer

  • Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
  • Listen for “Activated”.
  • Press desired option key


Numpad 1: Character Editor
Numpad 2: Super Health
Numpad 3: Super Speed
Numpad 4: Remove Damage
Numpad 5: Stop Bleeding
Numpad 6: Add Money
Numpad 7: Ressurection
Numpad 8: Unlimited Ammo
Numpad 9: Unlimited Special Ability
Numpad 0: RAMBO! mode


For the following options, these ONLY work while on the Character Details
screen. To enter that screen, press the Open Character Screen arrow to the
right of the unit’s portrait while in the game. These options also work on
the LAST character you had in the Character Details Screen if you are not
still on that screen.

Numpad 1: Character Editor – press this key to open the trainer character editor
window. This will open a second window in the trainer where you can
edit 13 specific items. You may have to alt-tab out from the game to
see the new trainer window. You can edit the values and then when you
are satisfied, you can press F1 to save the values and close the window.
Alt-tab back into the game and you can see the values have changed.
Setting some values to a very large number might not work as intended.
Experiment to see how incredible and elite you can make your forces!

Numpad 2: Super Health – toggle this on and off to give your character such
a high health that he likely cannot ever be killed. Some injuries
such as bleeding, bodypart damage, and mortal wounds may require you
to use other options such as remove damage, stop bleeding, and the
resurrection option (which can remove mortal wounds).

Numpad 3: Super Speed – turn this on and then the character will move much more
quickly. Some actions like throwing grenades, reloading, and etc.
may require you to toggle this off.

Numpad 4: Remove Damage – some characters will have injuries or cannot move due
to being damaged or hurt. Press this key to remove injuries and damage.

Numpad 5: Stop Bleeding – some characters will be hurt in a way that they are
bleeding. Press this key to stop the bleeding.

The rest of the options work anywhere.

Numpad 6: Add Money – press this key during the set up phase of the game or
while in the game to give yourself more money.

Numpad 7: Ressurection – this will instantly bring your dead units back to life.
It’s probably best to immediately enter the Character Details screen and
then give them super health for a bit so that they aren’t immediately
killed again. Use this to bring back dead units! This is also useful
when your unit has a mortal wound and would normally die soon. Look for
the red cross on the unit’s portrait

Numpad 8: Unlimited Ammo – your units will never have to reload.

Numpad 9: Unlimited Special Ability – unit items like medical bags or grenades can
be used without running out.

Numpad 0: RAMBO! mode – your units are all protected from damage, bleeding, slows,
and cannot be killed. Group them up and charge in, guns blazing! This
is pure fun and carnage!