Galactic Assault Retail Trainer


Numpad 1: HitPoints 100
Numpad 2: HitPoints 0
Numpad 3: Experience 100
Numpad 4: Experience 0
Numpad 5: Movement 100
Numpad 6: Vision 100
Numpad 7: Team 1 Unit
Numpad 8: Team 2 Unit
Numpad 9: 1000 Money
Numpad +: Team 1
Numpad -: Team 2


For the following 8 options, you must activate them in this manner:

First, decide which unit you want to affect. Next place your mouse
over that unit. Note that it shows the unit’s information on the
right sidebar. Press the appriate trainer key. You will hear the
“activated” sound. Move the mouse around, on and off of the unit
MAY BE AFFECTED ALSO! Note that the appropriate unit characteristic
has been changed!

Numpad 1: HitPoints 100- Unit will have 100 hitpoints!

Numpad 2: HitPoints 0- unit will have 0 hitpoints! May show as 1.

Numpad 3: Experience 100- Unit will have maximum experience. Shows as a
number other than 100, but the unit is maxed out.

Numpad 4: Experience 0- Unit will have no experience points!

Numpad 5: Movement 100- Unit will be able to move great distances. You
can re-activate this to keep moving a unit indefinitely.

Numpad 6: Vision 100- Unit’s vision value set to 100!

Numpad 7: Team 1 Unit- Unit will be switched to team 1. Normally the player,
i.e. YOU are on team 2.

Numpad 8: Team 2 Unit- Unit will be switched to team 2. You can use this to
brainwash enemy units into joining your side!

These options can be pressed at any time:

Numpad 9: 1000 Money- Sets money to 1000. Be careful buying too much or adding
too much upgrades in one turn as this seems to crash the game, since the
coders did not anticipate us being able to have this much money in one

Numpad +: Team 1- You can swap sides and control the enemy units!

Numpad -: Team 2- You can swap back to control your units!