Farm Up! Trainer/Editor

Farm Up!


You need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, otherwise the trainer will crash.
You can download it here:
(You must install it only once)

Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Add Silver Coins
Numpad 2: Add Gold Coins
Numpad 3: Set Level To 99
Numpad 4: Mega Warehouse
Numpad 5: Unlimited Realore Gems
Numpad 6: Infinite Energy / Boost

Options (Editor)
Edit: EXP
Edit: Level

– Set Level To 99:
Press this option and your character is level 99. This will unlock all items in the store. The visual isn’t updated until you earn an exp point but if you visit the store you’ll see that everything is unlocked.

– Mega Warehouse:
While active, visit warehouse and all items are set to a great amount.

– Unlimited Realore Gems:
While active, visit warehouse once, collect a realore gem due to harvesting and enjoy your unlimited gems. However this option requires at least 1 realore gem to work!

– Infinite Energy / Boost:
While active, your purchased boost will have infinite energy.