Diablo 3 Maphack Download

What is diablo 3 maphack ?

Diablo 3 Maphack  is a modification for Diablo III. It allowes you to play the way Diablo has always been meant to play. Not only does it assit you while playing on yourself, you can make it play for you! D3Advanced comes with a powerful API set which can be used to create bots. Much like d2jsp back in the golden days of Diablo II! It currently supports any version !

Requirements: .NET 4.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Quick guide on how you use it:

Diable 3 Maphack features :

  • Reveals units on the minimap (regular mobs in red, champs/bosses/rares in blue)
  • Displays arrowes to level exits
  • Minimap Markers are always revealed!
  • The correct defiled crypt is colored in a green!

– Instantly exit games
– Instantly craft
– Displays a timer in the left bottom when ingame
– Displays clock in the left bottom when hanging out in the lobby
– Allowes .NET assemblys to be loaded (create bots)

F9 – This was added for testing purposes. It allowes you to port your toon to the xyz position where your mouse cursor is currently pointing at. However, this only has a clientside affect and will not allow you to get past boundaries.
F12 – Toggles the console. Only use this if you absolutely have to! Once ~20 lines have been printed into the console it will result in a crash.

All commands are prefixed with a dot ‘.’ and can be used in the lobby aswell as in game.
<> signs work as placeholders.

Syntax: .dotnet
Syntax: .dotnet -unload
Syntax: .dotnet -unload
The dotnet command allowes you to load assemblys into specified appdomains. You can unload all domains at once by writing .dotnet -unload or unload specific domains by writing .dotnet -unload.

Displays the currently levelarea of your hero. Used to quickly figure out the currently SNOLevelArea.

All .NET assemblies go into the subfolder Assemblies.

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