Anomaly 2 Trainer

Anomaly 2


Numpad 1: No Damage
Numpad 2: Unlimited Abilities
Numpad 3: Add Credits
Numpad 4: Credits Off


I suggest you leave ALL OPTIONS OFF and use Credits OFF to turn off the
Add Credits option lock when not needed.

I suggest you turn OFF No Damage, Unlimited Abilities, and use Credits
Off at the end of each mission to prevent crashes of the game.

Numpad 1: No Damage – while this is on, the game’s damage system is
disabled. Nothing in the game takes damage, including the
enemy units.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Abilities – while this is on, when you use an
ability item, you will have MORE instead of less of that
ability. You need to have already had at least one available
amount of that ability and actually USE it for this to work.

Numpad 3: Add Credits – you need to have earned or already have
some credits. Each press adds 1000 more and LOCKS it there.

Numpad 4: Credits Off – this turns OFF the above credit option and
allows the game to add credits normally.