alan wake american nightmare cheats

alan wake american nightmare cheats

Using this Trainer
Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for “Activated”.

Press desired option key


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
Numpad 2: Unlimited Sprint
Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo
Numpad 4: No Reload
Numpad 5: Unlimited Flashlight
Numpad 6: Mega Batteries
Numpad 7: Super Damage
Numpad 8: Unlimited Flares
Numpad 9: Unlock Arcade Missions


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health – most things wont kill you. Don’t FALL!

Numpad 2: Unlimited Sprint – you can run fast without tiring.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo – most weapons will have unlimited ammo.

Numpad 4: No Reload – most weapons can fire without reloading.

Numpad 5: Unlimited Flashlight – you can blast your flashlight indefinitely.

Numpad 6: Mega Batteries – you will have 99 batteries.

Numpad 7: Super Damage – most foes will die with one shot or hit. Note
that in Arcade Action, you will not get credit for kills while
this option is active. Also, some scripted events in the campaign
might require this to be off.

Numpad 8: Unlimited Flares – if you have flares, they won’t decrease when used.

Numpad 9: Unlock Arcade Missions – toggle on then enter Arcade Action.

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